PTP is proud to announce that we have gone green, as we are now committed to being one of the most environmentally responsible steel service centers in the nation.

Clean Energy

PTP’s commitment to clean and renewable energy along with lowering our carbon foot print has allowed us to use the latest technology in implementing the following energy saving areas:
  • SOLAR POWER – PTP is now a solar powered facility, and over 1/3 (one third) of our electricity is now generated by 144 solar polycrystalline solar panels, which powers PTP’s entire facility.
  • PTP has also added many new CLEAN AIR DIESEL TRUCKS to our fleet, which adhere to the latest, and highest emission regulations and standards so we can make the cleanest and most environmentally responsible deliveries to our customers.
  • All of the PTP LIGHTING for the entire facility has also been upgraded to the most efficient T-5 style fixtures, which requires much less energy traditional light fixtures.
  • All of this combined with our NEW RECYCLING PROGRAMS allows PTP to be a more environmentally responsible business while saving our planet’s valuable resources at the same time. “That’s a win-win situation for PTP and our customers”


Conveniently located in Carson, California near all major freeways and the Port of Los Angeles / Long Beach, Pacific Toll Processing’s (PTP) the state-of-the-art facility comprises:
  • 100,000 ft2 of crane-served indoor production capacity on nearly 11 acres
  • Braner Automotive Class-1 Precision Slitting Line
  • Braner Automotive Class-1 Precision Multi-Blanking Line
  • Rail Spur and Spotting Vehicle with indoor and outdoor rail unloading capacity
  • Eight (8) overhead bridge cranes with up to 40-ton capacity, serving all bays