Flat Roll Coil, Sheet
and Custom Blanks

Steel Coil and Sheet Products

Pacific Toll Processing, Inc. offers Carbon Steel Flat Roll products by Coil (Master and Slit) and by Sheet (full sheets and precision blanks).  Our dedication to utilizing the best machinery, handling equipment, and personnel ensures that we’ll be able to deliver the best products at cost-competitive prices.  With our state of the art 21st century precision processing equipment, we can slit coils and cut blanks into custom sizes and precision tolerances that are unmatched in the Western United States.

We offer the following steel products in SHEET and COIL:

Listed below are the representative stocked steel coil and sheet available for sale.  This does not guarantee availability, as the demand and conditions of the inventory continuously change.  If your required item is not listed, please feel free to contact our sales staff.  Most products inventoried are available from both domestic and import mills.  If you require products of a specific origin, please let us know when you place your order.


Low carbon, commercial quality (CQ) steel. Low carbon cold roll sheet and strip are ideally suited for high volume production of consumer products used in low-stress applications. Tighter tolerances than Hot Roll Pickle & Oil, and used when surface texture, ductility, and flatness affects quality of the end product. It readily responds to stamping, spinning, bending, light drawing, resistance spot welding, and surface treatments such as painting and electroplating. Typical end usages are Home Appliances, Metal Furniture, Filing Cabinets, Lighting Fixtures, Computer Cabinets, Truck Bodies, Tubing, and many other low-carbon flat roll applications.


(RoHS Compliant Available) – Hot Dipped Galvanized (HDGA) Sheet and Strip are continuously hot-dip coated in a molten zinc solution for a durable protective zinc surface coating. The majority of the substrate is Cold Roll base material (Hot Roll Substrate on limited gauges available on request). HDGA is of the most economical corrosion-resistant sheet materials available, and can be formed without flaking or peeling. Depending upon the end application, various coating weights are available in hot dipped galvanize. G-30, G-60, and G-90 are the typical coating weights available. Spangle types can vary from Regular, Minimum or Zero, as minimum spangle is the standard inventoried product. Several types of finishing processes are used, including extra smooth temper rolled surface finishes with RoHS compliant chemical treatment. Used for exposed and unexposed applications, typical end usages include Air Conditioning Equipment, HVAC Ductwork, Home Appliances, Electronic Equipment, Lighting Fixtures, Culvert, Rain Gutters, Flashing, Roofing, Computer Cabinets, Construction Framing Studs, Corner Bead and many other corrosion resistant applications.


(RoHS Compliant Available) – This is a hot-dipped galvanized product (trademark product by USS Posco, Inc.) that is similar to, and often substitutes Electro-Galvanized (ASTM A-591).  It is temper-passed to provide an ultra smooth surface with a uniform “attractive” surface finish.  It is considered to have a higher corrosion resistance when compared to ASTM A591 Electro-Galvanized steel.  GalXC is very popular in the high tech electronics industry, as it exhibits superior conductivity ratings, and can be drawn, bent, and embossed without flaking.  With the environmentally friendly RoHS compliant chemical treated surface, and with extra smooth finger print resistant G-30 coating, GalXC has gained many end usages in the high-tech electronics and gaming machine industry.  Computer cabinets, Vending Machines, Slot Machine Parts, Display Cases, and Outdoor Signs are typical end usages of this specification.


(RoHS Compliant Available) – Electro-Galvanized (E.G.) sheets are cold-rolled steel sheets zinc coated through a process of electrolytic disposition (electro-plating process.)  Coating is very smooth with no spangle, and usually matt grey (light, dark, and bronze) in color.  E.G. is ready for processing (painting, lacquering, etc), and primarily used for indoor applications unless painted.  E.G. is available in both Phosphate and Chromate coating, with or without Finger Print Resistant (FPR) coating.  FPR is also referred to as AFP (Anti-Fingerprint) coating.  E.G. can be formed, rolled, or stamped without flaking and peeling.  The base metal substrate is Cold Roll, and typically inventoried in the same gauge range.  Typical end usages include Electronics and Computer cabinetry, Copy Machines, Fax Machines, Light Fixtures, signs, and other applications where ultra smooth and uniform surface finishes are required.


This is low carbon, commercial steel that is brought to finished size by rolling at high temperatures. For a better surface condition and tighter tolerances versus Hot Roll Band, PTP inventories a temper-passed product. Thicker in gauge versus cold roll, Hot Roll is a relatively low-cost steel sheet, soft enough to bend flat on itself in any direction without cracking and ductile enough for shallow drawing. Typical end usages are Home Safes, Storage Tanks, Trash Bins, Structural Supports, Tubing and others applications where surface finish is not as critical as a Cold Roll product.


Galvannealed Sheets are heat treated after coating (Alloy surface zinc with iron-base metal) producing a zinc-iron alloy surface layer eliminating the spangle.  Also referred as Jet Coat and White Galvanized, the surface of the sheets can be easily painted with minimum surface preparation.  It can be subject to simple bending and forming without peeling, and is easier to surface weld compared to a Hot Dipped product.  Galvanneal is available oiled or dry.  The coating weights on galvanneal are typically A40 and A60.  Typical end-use applications include Automotive Body Panels, Truck & Trailer Bodies, Metal Doors, Appliances, Sign Boards, and other applications where welding, painting, and forming along with corrosion resistance are required.